Monday, December 15, 2008

Joe Weds Marjorie Bach

We have received confirmation from a reliable, anonymous source that Joe and Marjorie Bach were married on Friday, December 12th in L.A. Marjorie is the sister of Barbara Bach, who is married to Ringo Starr. That makes Joe and Ringo brothers-in-law by marriage. According to our source, this is Joe's 5th marriage.

We wish Joe and Marjorie much happiness and success in the future.


Casey said...

He's been married only 4 times. Check (there was a broken engagement in 1993, to me)


JoeWalshOnline said...


Sorry to hear about your broken engagement, but from Joe's track record, maybe it was for the best.

A friend of Joe's told us about his four prior marriages. He says there was a little-known, very brief one in the sixties to a woman named Margie. Is it possible that Joe may not have chosen to tell you about it for whatever reason?

Sorry it took so long to get this info out there. I so rarely get comments that I got out of the habit of checking for them, and only just now saw yours.