Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joe Appears on Steve Dahl - and announces engagement!

Joe appeared on Steve Dahl's morning program this past Sept. 26. It was a fun interview where he got to sit around and chit-chat about all sorts of things. He answered some fan questions and played songs like Indian Summer and The Confessor on an acoustic guitar. We found out that his middle name, Fidler, is actually really his last name (Walsh is the last name of his step-dad)... and that he's going to be married again! He's engaged to Marjorie Bach. Congrats to both!

You can listen to the podcast on the Jack FM website (Sept. 26, mostly hour 3 and hour 4, and a few minutes at the end of hour 2).

More from the Star-Tribune

A few extra questions that weren't in the larger interview can be found on the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star-Tribune's site.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Joe Walsh Interview in Star-Tribune / Ham radio

Back from Chicago - what a show! - and returned to this nice interview from Joe Walsh in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star-Tribune. Very interesting, especially since we rarely hear from him!

And ever wonder what Joe sounds like when he's doing his Ham radio thing? Listen to one broadcast here.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Joe Walsh Survivor Game

On our message board, The Border, we occasionally play games with Eagles and solo songs or albums for the guys based on the Survivor television program. On Tuesday, September 2nd, we will begin playing a solo song survivor game for Joe's greatest hits album - The Definitive Collection: Little Did He Know - Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits. The game will be ongoing throughout the month of September. Anyone who is a registered member of The Border can join in and play at any time. For more information, see here.