Sunday, August 31, 2008

RMW Lyrics Revised for Dems

A site visitor emailed this to us. She said that it was played at a private party during the Democratic National Convention in Denver last week. Thanks Diane - this is a hoot. Wonder if Joe is aware of this?

Spent the last week
Rocky Mountain Way
Couldn't get much higher
Out to pasture
Think it's safe to say
Time the 'pubs get fired
And we don't need the Repubs
Crying 'cuz they look so bad
'Cuz the Rocky Mountain Dems
Is better than the way we had
Well Fox's tellin' us this
And they're tellin' us that
Changes it every day
They say we can't get better
Bases are loaded and McCain's at bat
Playin' it play by play
Time to change the batter
And we don't need the Repubs
Crying 'cuz they made it bad, uh huh
The Democratic Way
Is better than the way we had
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Highlights from Joe's Online Chat

There were quite a few technical difficulties during Joe's live chat from Boston last night, but it was still quite entertaining. As a bonus, fellow Eagle, Timothy, joined Joe for the second half of the chat. In spite of the fact that they were both wearing glasses, they had a difficult time reading and answering the questions that the fans were sending in, but they were troopers and did the best they could. We will give you the highlights about what Joe had to say regarding his personal life and solo career here. There will also be posts on Timothy B. Schmit Online about what Tim had to say regarding his solo efforts and on Eagles Online Central about information regarding the Eagles.

So here's what Joe had to say about Joe:

* Joe has no plans to tour solo - he is busy being an Eagle for at least the next year.
* Joe will not be releasing a solo album in the near future.
* Joe has no plans to tour with the James Gang or Barnstorm at this time.
* He doesn't have a favorite guitar, but does endorse Carvin because they make guitars for him.
* Re: What would your dad think about your career? Joe responded: "He'd probably shoot me."
* His daughter, Lucy is not currently working on an album as far as he knows.
* His two sons are doing fine, as is Marjorie.
* His favorite venue to play is the LA Nokia Theatre.
* Joe likes to listen to Ray Wylie Hubbard; he especially likes Snake Farm. You can listen here.
* Joe says he's never owned a Maserati ( he took poetic license), but he does own a Hummer.
* Joe says the band doesn't go bowling anymore, but they used to go a lot.
* Joe's health is fine, but he says the band needs AARP cards to get a discount on their walkers.
* Joe misses Keith Moon, and is friends with Pete Townsend.
* Joe says that he would love to have Timothy appear on his next solo album.
* He says that Don Henley is "a great guy and one of my best friends".
* He hasn't spoken with Don Felder in recent times.

It is such a treat for fans when Joe does these chats. HE'S COOL!