Monday, November 26, 2007

Great photo of Joe!

I saw this photo on Heather's MySpace and Joe looked so great I asked her to let me put it on the site! She kindly said yes. Enjoy! (click for the bigger version)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Joe - the finale!

To wrap up Joe's birthday, I've made a little YouTube show for him which you can find here.

And I almost forgot to mention - there are additions to every single photo gallery - I've added literally over 100 photos. Make sure to take a look.

Whew, that's it. Once again, happy birthday, Joe. Rock on!

Happy Birthday Joe Part 6

And for our modern Joe...

Here's his recent Saratoga, California show on July 31, 2007:
1. Fade In
2. Life of Illusion
3. Indian Summer
4. Pretty Maids All in a Row
5. Welcome to the Club
6. Ordinary Average Guy
7. In the City
8. Meadows/At the Station
9. The Bomber
10. Band introductions
11. Walk Away
12. Turn to Stone
13. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
14. Funk #49
15. Life's Been Good
16. Encore break (audience noise)
17. Rocky Mountain Way

An interview with Joe done in 2006, courtesy of Kate:
"Joe Walsh: The Dirt." Classic Rock (December 2006)

A video of Life's Been Good from the Eagles' Peoria concert in 2004:
Download as .mpg (78 megs) :: Download as .wmv (18 megs)

And this wallpaper using current photos, courtesy of Maleah:

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Happy Birthday Joe Part 5

And here's Joe from the 90s!

His Sept. 13, 1997 Philadelphia show:
1. Meadows
2. The Confessor
3. Life of Illusion
4. Ordinary Average Guy
5. In the City
6. The Bomber
7. Tend My Garden
8. Turn to Stone
9. Walk Away
10. Funk #49
11. Life's Been Good
12. Rocky Mountain Way
13. All Night Long

A 90s Wallpaper:

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And here's a video of Joe doing "Walk Away" at Jones Beach in 1991.
Download as mpg (38 megs) :: Download as .wmv (9 megs)

Happy Birthday Joe Part 4

Here's more from the 80s!

First, a video:
Joe does The Bomber at the 1983 US Festival (It's definitely different)
Downloads as .mpg (60 megs) :: Download as .wmv (14 megs)

One album review courtesy of Kate:
Review of You Bought It, You Name It

And an audio interview, also courtesy of Kate, from 1982. This was on BBC 1 Radio and part of the "Guitar Greats" series. The interviewer is Alexis Korner. It's in nine parts:

Happy Birthday Joe Part 3

Time to move into the 80s! Here's a concert from the 1983 Chicago Fest on August 21.

1. Meadows
2. Welcome to the Club
3. In the City
4. Space Age Whiz Kids
5. Life in the Fast Lane
6. Turn to Stone
7. The Bomber
8. Shadows
9. Funk #49
10. Life's Been Good
11. Rocky Mountain Way
12. Hey Joe
13. All Night Long

And an 80s wallpaper:

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Happy Birthday Joe Part 2

To continue, here are two videos of Joe from the 70s:

Joe and Barnstorm perform The Bomber (Dick Clark Show 1972)
Download as .mpg (55 megs) :: Download as .wmv (13 megs)

Joe and "Friends" perform Turn to Stone (Kirsher Rock Hour 1975)
Download as .mpg (91 megs) :: Download as .wmv (21 megs)

And courtesy of Kate from DonFelderOnline, here are some articles on Joe from the 70s:

Happy 60th birthday, Joe!

And now, it is time for us to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Joseph Fidler Walsh!

I'm going to be putting up goodies all day from all different eras of his career. So, to start it off, I'm going to put up an old audio show from Feb. 1, 1975 at New York City's Academy of Music. You can download all the tracks for a full show or you can pick and choose. Either way, enjoy!

1. Introduction
2. Meadows
3. Tend My Garden
4. The Bomber
5. Pavanne
6. Dreams
7. The Ashes, The Rain, and I
8. Welcome to the Club
9. Time Out
10. Rocky Mountain Way
11. Turn to Stone
12. Funk #49
13. Garden Gate
14. Midnight Man
15. Get Back
Note: Joe starts a sixteenth song, but it's been cut off.

And in case you want something to look at to kick off your day, here's a wallpaper of Joe from the early days:

Download as 800x600 :: Download as 1024x768

And there's more to come!